Andrew Kolpakov
Software engineering

Karta Turov

Karta turov is a project that helps tourists to find tours and to fulfill their dreams. It also helps travel agencies to sell more tours with less costs. Generally, it makes communication between tourists, travel agents and hotelier easier. Learn more in russian.

Power@work web framework

Power@work is the heart of many TBMS' web projects. My biggest contribution is the web-interface for data model creation and code generation. Learn more.

Service Desk for Weborama

We could not find an appropriate service desk, so me managed to create out own. It is easy to use (no learning required) and designed to provide exceptional work speed and smoothness. You have just to deal with user's request, not with the UI.

Service desk provides all functions you really need: multiple users and team work, reminders, queue length and latency, image uploading, conversation threads and quick templates.


Weborama is an internet radio and music encyclopedia. I was a part of TBMS team and was working on special pages — we call it conveyors — for organizing all uploaded music into a full and categorized library. This work included tweaking and reorganizing the whole data manipulation system in order to provide some very sophisticated data operations.

Run on January, 1st

I like running on January 1st. My friends too. It gives a sense of living the most contradictory day of the year. It makes you feel alive. I came up with this site to spread the idea cross the world in 2008. The rest is history...

Everything is created from A to Z by me. I am especially proud for the design that no one notices. Hidden tricks lower false inputs to less than 1% without anti-spam captchas and other wheel spinning stuff.

Optimal Travel

Optimal Travel is a project for those who travel. Entire engineering part is made by me from a scratch. My own web framework was extracted from this site later and powered some of my other projects.